CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customers form the basis of any business and maintain them requires automation, organization and synchronization of four main functions of a business: customer service, sales, marketing and technical support.

Odoo CRM is one of the best solutions for companies to automate customer management in a structured manner. Odoo CRM has many features that help the organization capture the market and keep customers happy. 
With Odoo CRM, the organization can easily track potential customers, generate accurate forecasts and close opportunities. The sales functions are above average and gives it enough power to generate sales.

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Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) solution offers customer services to complete transactions. The service allows the company to generate the receipt, accept cash and deliver a variety of services to customers. The customer buys products or services, which are then entered into the system to facilitate tracking and updating the stock in the warehouse.

Odoo POS is one of the best POS software solutions for the business. It offers many features and completely redefines the point-of-sale approach for companies around the world. Odoo POS is completely cloud-based, which makes the system completely portable. It offers barcode scanning, cash register, touch screen, weight calculator and more. It also supports the management of multiple stations, allowing multiple possible transactions. 


The e-commerce website needs a special set of features to completely overcome the limitation of the usual website. The E-Commerce website should offer article viewing, a fully automated shopping cart and also offer an intuitive, content-centric screen.
With the e-commerce module, any merchant who wants to venture into online businesses can open their online portal. The online portal acts as a secondary action point for many companies. Recent studies also show that many companies have moved completely from the cement and brick model to the online e-commerce model.
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Website Creator

Now more than ever, websites are very important: they work as a gateway to the business, bring visitors and help increase online presence. 
With a correct online presence and an excellent website, the company can easily see an increase in revenue and increase their chances to be more successful in the current web market.
Odoo offers a new website developer. The creator of websites is amazing and does not require any coding. It is aimed at companies that want a website in a matter of days. The website creator offers many features such as drag-and-drop generator, responsive design ready, optimized for SEO and more. 

Human Resources

Keep your employees' information centralized and updated. The human resources module of Odoo is broad and includes not only payroll, but also management of vacations, per diem and other expenses, time and attendance control, recruitment and much more.
Your human resources department will have a powerful tool and your collaborators will feel accompanied, listened to and supported.
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