The implementation of ERP is the most important element of any business transformation process, a correct implementation not only saves time and money, but can give a great boost to the growth of an organization.


Many companies have made their processes come to life with the customization. Companies seek customization, the system gets adjusted to the customer's needs; incrementing productivity and efficiency.


No business remains stagnant today, changes are always needed, new reports, modules, etc. This is where Piensom comes in, we offer the best development services for any company that uses Odoo.


For companies, the best way to ensure a successful implementation is to train the workforce on the new ERP and make them feel comfortable in the new environment.

For everything to work in your business, our expert training team provides the necessary training for the workforce. Our team understands the requirements of the users and adjust the training material on their knowledge.



The integration of third-party applications is not just a trend but a necessity that a company can not ignore. 

At Piensom we understand how companies evolve and require appropriate integration of third-party applications along the way.

With experience in the field, avant-garde talent and a complete knowledge of how Odoo works internally, we have a great service for all our clients.


Find good technical support is a difficult taks. However, if you have landed in this website, your search has ended.

Great support is one of the highlights of Piensom. Yhe journey starts from the implementation. End to end, we take care of all implementations and we offer affordable support and of the highest quality for our clients.