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Piensom is a company specialized in providing world class open source solutions. We cover various services such as implementation, personalization, development, consulting and much more.

Piensom seeks to bring OpenSource solutions (free licensing) to our customers. By not having charge for licenses, the software we offer is a much cheaper option, which has the same functionalities and performance as other programs. We have a great experience in business software implementations. We focus on providing solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, always through innovative and economically viable solutions.




Odoo is one of the most used options by different organizations around the world. Odoo is used by organizations for more than a decade. Businesses today are inundated with information and a great deal of human effort is required to manage it and to properly track all activities, hence the need for an ERP system.
An ERP solution can help improve the way a business works and eliminate monotonous and unnecessary activities. By creating an ecosystem that integrates different levels of processes in a single system, raising both productivity and income.
So, what is it that makes Odoo successful? How to know if you are choosing the right ERP solution for your business? The answer lies at the base of the system platform, which is the core of all the services that Odoo provides. The system offers many features that benefit businesses, since it leads the processes to operate with synergy, in addition to creating an ecosystem where there is maximum control and productivity.